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The Tip Top Trio is a rockabilly band from Sacramento, California.

Formed in 2007 by Dick Dice, Hotwire Hotrod, and Zack B. Hectic;

the group toured the northern California region for three years,

recorded several records, and still remain great friends to this day.

The band never really broke-up, they are just on an extended vaction.

It's only a matter of when and where you will see the Tip Top Trio next!


Dick Dice

Rhythm Guitar

Hotwire Hotrod

Lead Guitar

Zack B. Hectic

Doghouse Fiddle

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Bel-Air - edited 00010.jpg
Bel-Air - edited 00011.jpg


Tip Top Trio - Album Cover.jpg

This is the debut album from the Tip Top Trio. All songs are originally written by the Tip Top Trio except for Besame Mucho and Little Coquette, which are traditional. It was recorded by our good friend K-Dog at Hotrod's House in the summer of 2008 and then mixed down by K-Dog and Dick Dice. The album artwork was designed by Dick Dice, but the photographs were taken by Jon Hermison. We had the CD release party at Marilyn's in Downtown Sacramento on August 29th and the show was a blast!

Marilyn Show Poster.jpg

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We're Back! EP Cover.jpg

We're Back! is an EP recorded in Dick Dice's Downtown Sacramento basement in 2011. All 4 songs are originals written by the Tip Top Trio and recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dick Dice. The album cover photo was taken by James C Ferguson.

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* The Photos on the right are from a Old Ironsides Show

Friends of Feathers - EP Cover.jpg

Friends of Feathers is the Tip Top Trio's tribute to rockabilly legend Charlie Feathers, who was an instrumental influence in shaping the sounds of the Tip Top Trio. His hick-up vocal stylings were inspiring and we did our best to incorperate his song writing sensabilities into our own material. The songs were recorded in the same basement sessions as We're Back! and finally mastered in 2019.

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*click on Charlie's picture to read his biography

Charlie Feathers (1932 - 1998).jpg

Charlie Feathers (1932 - 1998)

We'll Cut You Good! - Album Cover.jpg

We'll Cut You Good! is a collection of cover songs recorded in the same basement sessions as We're Back! and Friends of Feathers. The final track has overdubbed drums and piano so fans would have the opportunity to hear the Tip Top Trio with added accompaniment.

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Tribute to Sun - Album Cover.jpg

Since the Tip Top Trio was born from a love of the birthplace of Rockabilly, we thought it was only appropriate to pay tribute to some of our favorites that have inspired us throughout our journey as a band. We always tried to pick lesser known songs as to aid in inspiring others to search out those hidden gems among compilation after compilation. But the foundation of Sun is so strong that it is the best place to start. Have fun listening to our takes on these rockabilly classics, we hope you discover something you've never heard before.

Red Hot Sticker.jpg

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Melissa Callaway.jpg

Sweet Mama Callaway (aka Melissa Callaway) is a singer from California. We came to know Melissa through Hotwire Hotrod, who was dabbling with open mic stand-up. The two of them met at a stand-up show and they quickly became romantically involved. Melissa joined us in practices and naturally started singing with us too. She was featured in many live performances with the Tip Top Trio, traveled with us to many shows, and was also instrumental in documenting many of the Tip Top Trio's endeavors. These two tracks were her her favorites to perform on stage and thankfully we were able to record them properly. Melissa now happily resides in Woodland, California with Hotwire and their son, Logan.

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Featuring Sweet Mama Callaway - Cover.jpg
HWHR & The PSC - Album Cover.jpg

This is the beginning of the Tip Top Trio before it was a trio. Hotwire Hotrod and The Poodle Skirt Chaser (aka Dick Dice) made this record in hopes of gaining a bass player, which we did, but not because of making this album. Dick Dice met Zack B. Hectic in a bar one night and they started talking about their love for the very first Elvis Presley recordings. Dick invited Zack over to jam with him and Hotwire and thus the Tip Top Trio was born. Though some of this material was later created by the Tip Top Trio, there are some songs that were intended to be recorded, but unfortunately never were. There are also a few cover songs that the Tip Top Trio never played live. We hope you enjoy the earliest recordings of what would soon be the Tip Top Trio, even without the miraculous bass playing of our beloved Zack B. Hectic.

Released March 1, 2006

Hotwire Hotrod - Vocals, Guitars
Poodle Skirt Chaser - Vocals, Guitars, 


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The pictures above, and to the left, are from the first show Hotwire Hotrod and Dick Dice played together as a duo. The cute little coffee shop was kind enough to let us get our start and our friends were kind enough to show their support. Shortly after this show did Dick Dice meet Zack B. Hectic and the trio was formed. The pictures directly above are of the 2nd show we played together, but this time Zack joined us on bass. The first Tip Top Trio show!





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